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Øst-Trøndelag (Norwegian name; Swedish: Östtröndelag or Öst-Tröndelag, pronounced [²œsːtˌtrœnːdɛlɑːɡ]; English: East Trøndelag) is an unofficial and polemic name for the Swedish regions Jämtland and Härjedalen of Jämtland County which until 1645 belonged to Norway. As the name suggests, the region lies to the east of the two Norwegian regions of Trøndelag. A person from Trøndelag whither they are from South Trøndelag, North Trøndelag or East Trøndelag are called a Trønder.

In the 1940s, during the German occupation of Norway, Norwegian politicians called for the annexation of Øst-Trøndelag to provide the collaborationist regime new opportunities for expansion.

In 2004, Norwegian students erected road signs on the border indicating that travelers were entering the Norwegian county of Øst-Trøndelag.[1]


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