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Østerøya is one of two peninsulas outside Sandefjord, Norway. It borders in west to the Mefjord and east to the Tønsbergfjord. Tønsberg tønne is located on the south end of the peninsula.

The south end of the peninsula contains public areas for outdoor activities, recreation, fishing and swimming. A preserved area with black alder swamp forest (containing ramsons, iris pseudacorus and early purple orchid) is located here.


Østerøya was fortified during World War II.


Hodet over vannet (Head Above Water), by film director Nils Gaup, was filmed in the south end of Østerøya.


  • Skjellvika
  • Flautangen
  • Nordre Trubervika
  • Strandvika
  • Ertsvika


Coordinates: 59°05′43″N 10°17′58″E / 59.09528°N 10.29944°E / 59.09528; 10.29944