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Location of Østerbro within Copenhagen

Østerbro is one of the 10 official districts of Copenhagen, Denmark.[1] It is located just north of the city centre, outside the old city gate Østerport which, after it was moved around 1700, used to be located close to present-day Østerport Station. From the beginning, Østerbro has been a wealthy district, and it remains one of the most affluent areas in Copenhagen.


Østerbro has an area of 11.84 km² and a population of 68,769.[2] It is bordered by Nørrebro to the west, Hellerup to the north and Øresund to the east.


In popular culture[edit]

  • In the popular children's novel, Number the Stars, Østerbrogade is a road on which the Annemarie and her friends run down but are then stopped by a Nazi soldier.

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