Øvre Sjodalsvatnet

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Øvre Sjodalsvatnet
P1000137Øvre Sjodalsvatnet.JPG
Location Vågå (Oppland)
Coordinates 61°31′42″N 8°53′17″E / 61.52833°N 8.88806°E / 61.52833; 8.88806Coordinates: 61°31′42″N 8°53′17″E / 61.52833°N 8.88806°E / 61.52833; 8.88806
Basin countries Norway
Surface area 4.83 km2 (1.86 sq mi)
Shore length1 19.99 km (12.42 mi)
Surface elevation 953 m (3,127 ft)
References NVE
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.

Øvre Sjodalsvatnet is a lake that is part of the river Sjoa in the municipality of Vågå in Oppland county, Norway.

Near the top of the lake is Maurvangen campground and Bessheim mountain lodge.

Sjoa is a river that flows from the lake Gjende by Gjendesheim through Øvre Sjodalsvatnet, Nedre Sjodalsvatnet and the town of Sjoa in Gudbrandsdalen, where the river flows into Gudbrandsdalslågen.

Sjoa is a popular river for rafting and kayak trips. The river is also known for the tourist attraction Ridderspranget

Øvre Sjodalsvaten at night, Jotunheimen in the background

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