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Øvresetertjern140816 1.JPG
Øvresetertjern (2014)
LocationOslo, Norway
Coordinates59°58′57″N 10°40′19″E / 59.98250°N 10.67194°E / 59.98250; 10.67194Coordinates: 59°58′57″N 10°40′19″E / 59.98250°N 10.67194°E / 59.98250; 10.67194
Basin countriesNorway
Surface elevation477 m (1,565 ft)

Øvresetertjern is a lake in Oslo, Norway. It is located 477 metres (1,565 ft) over sea level between the top of the hill Tryvannshøyden and Frognerseteren.[1] From 1916 to 1938, the station Tryvandshøiden was located north of the lake, but it was never served by regular passenger trains.


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