Úštěk Synagogue

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Coordinates: 50°35′02″N 14°20′19″E / 50.58389°N 14.33861°E / 50.58389; 14.33861

Former synagogue in Úštěk, today Jewish museum, with statue of Golem

The Úštěk Synagogue is a synagogue in the small town of Úštěk, located in the northern part of the Czech Republic.

The modest, Baroque[1] synagogue of sandstone from a nearby quarry. This current structure was built using shortly after a 1793 fire that destroyed the earlier building. It was in use until the Second World War. It survived the war but in the post war period the adjacent houses were torn down and the synagogue allowed to deteriorate, the roof decayed and the interior furnishings were burned. It was renovated by the Jewish Museum of Prague in a project that began in 1997 and was completed in 2003 supported by the state and by the town of Úštěk.[2][3]


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