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Újpest Water Tower

Coordinates: 47°33′45″N 19°06′23″E / 47.56240°N 19.10642°E / 47.56240; 19.10642
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Újpest Water Tower
General information
TypeWater tower
Architectural styleArt Nouveau
LocationÚjpest, Budapest, Hungary
Construction started1911
ClientMagyar Vízmű Részvénytársaság
Height27 m (89 ft)
Design and construction
Architect(s)Győző Mihailich, Ödön Dümmerling
Architecture firmCompagnie Générále des Conduites d' Eau Liége Belgique

The Újpest Water Tower (Hungarian: Újpesti víztorony) is one of many water towers in Budapest.


The Újpest Water Tower played an important role in World War II. Explosives were stored within the tower, possibly reserved for its later destruction. In December 1944, Hungarian partisans ambushed the Arrow Cross guards and seized the ammunition, thus preventing the tower from being destroyed. Had it been destroyed, the entire area would have been left without water.


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47°33′45″N 19°06′23″E / 47.56240°N 19.10642°E / 47.56240; 19.10642