Último Dragón Gym Championship

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The Último Dragón Gym Championship was the top title in the Japanese professional wrestling promotion Toryumon.

Title history[edit]

Wrestler: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
CIMA 1 April 22, 2003 Tokyo, Japan Defeated Genki Horiguchi in a tournament final to become the first champion.
Magnum TOKYO 1 June 29, 2003 Kobe, Japan
SUWA 1 February 8, 2004 Fukuoka, Japan
Vacated April 25, 2004 SUWA vacated the title due to injury.
CIMA 2 July 4, 2004 Kobe, Japan Defeated Shuji Kondo in a tournament final to win the vacant title.
Vacated and abandoned July 5, 2004 CIMA vacated the title and abandoned it when Toryumon changed its name to Dragon Gate. The title was replaced with the Open the Dream Gate Championship.

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