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The Üechtland on a map from 1732

The Üechtland (German pronunciation: [ˈyːçtland] or [ˈyə̯xtland]) is a region in western Switzerland, where the cities of Bern and Fribourg are located.

The name for the region is obsolete; today, it is only used to distinguish Fribourg (German: Freiburg im Üechtland) from Freiburg (or Freiburg im Breisgau) in Germany. However, old documents also mention Bern im Üechtland or Verona im Üechtland, by which Verona, as a Latinised name for Bern, is distinguished from Verona in Italy (known in German historically as Bern, and sometimes as Wälsch-Bern).


Coordinates: 46°46′15″N 7°10′36″E / 46.770875°N 7.176793°E / 46.770875; 7.176793