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This article is about the subdistrict of Tallinn. For the lake, see Lake Ülemiste.
Subdistrict of Tallinn
Ülemiste within Lasnamäe District.
Ülemiste within Lasnamäe District.
Country Flag of Estonia.svg Estonia
County Flag of et-Harju maakond.svg Harju County
City Flag of Tallinn.svg Tallinn
District Flag of Lasnamäe district, Tallinn, Estonia.svg Lasnamäe
Population (01.01.2015[1])
 • Total 1,444

Ülemiste is a subdistrict (Estonian: asum) in the district of Lasnamäe, Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. It has a population of 1,444 (As of 1 January 2015).[1]

Estonian largest airport Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport is located in Ülemiste.

Ülemiste has a station on the Elron rail line.

Ülemiste is the location of shopping centre Ülemiste Keskus, business park Ülemiste City and international school Tallinna Euroopa Kool.


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Coordinates: 59°25′36″N 24°48′48″E / 59.426635°N 24.813266°E / 59.426635; 24.813266