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Ülker Bisküvi Sanayi A.Ş.
Anonim Şirket
Traded as BİST: ULKER
Industry Food processing
Founded February 22, 1944
Founder Sabri and Asim Ülker brothers
Headquarters Fatih, Istanbul, Turkey
Area served
Key people
Murat Ülker (Chairman)
Mehmet Tütüncü (CEO)
Products Baby food, coffee, dairy products, breakfast cereals, confectionery, ice cream
Revenue Increase Turkish lira symbol 8x10px.png1.798 billion (2011)[1]
Increase Turkish lira symbol 8x10px.png111 million (2011)[1]
Increase Turkish lira symbol 8x10px.png668 million (2010)[1]
Total assets Decrease Turkish lira symbol 8x10px.png2.670 billion (2011)[1]
Total equity Decrease Turkish lira symbol 8x10px.png1.97 billion (2011)[1]
Number of employees
7,218 [1]
Parent Yıldız Holding A.Ş.
Website www.ulker.com.tr

Ülker is a major Turkish manufacturer of food products, which are exported internationally, to 110 countries.[2] The company's core products are biscuits, cookies, crackers, and chocolates, although Ülker has expanded to other product categories. On November 3, 2014, it was announced that Ulker's parent company Yildiz Holding agreed to purchase of United Biscuits of UK for a reported £2.2 billion.[3]

One of its more recent products is Cola Turka, introduced in the Turkish market in 2003. The advertisement of Cola Turka featured actor Chevy Chase and according to local sources Coca-Cola cut 10% off its prices due to the success of the Cola Turka launch.[2]

Ülker received the "Candy Company of the Year in Europe" award from the European Candy Kettle Club in 2004.[4] In December 2007 the company agreed to acquire Godiva Chocolatier from Campbell Soup Co. for $850 million.[5]


A can of Cola Turka.

Ülker was founded in 1944 by Sabri and Asim Ülker, two brothers whose parents immigrated to Turkey from Crimea, commencing operations in Istanbul as a small bakery. A factory was opened in 1948. Ülker expanded in the 1970s to exporting to the Middle East market, chocolate manufacturing, and packaging. By the end of the 20th century, Ülker was manufacturing margarine, vegetable oil and dairy products. In 2002, Ülker diversified into carbonated beverages, and in 2003, added Turkish coffee, ice cream and baby food to its product range.[citation needed]

The company employs more than 41,000 people and was the 5th on the list of the most successful[weasel words] manufacturers in Turkey in 2001[citation needed], while Coca-Cola dropped back to ninth. Ülker sales reach $1.5 billion internationally.[6]

Ülker Group[edit]

This Ülker Group, a subsidiary of Yildiz Holding, focuses on manufacturing, sales and marketing of the Ülker branded food products. The categories included are chocolates, bars, biscuits, wafers, confectionaries, chewing gums, baby food, baby diapers and personal care. This is the largest business area of the Ülker Group.

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