Ülker Sports Arena

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Ülker Sports Arena
Ülker Sports Arena- Fenerbahçe vs. Armani Milano.jpg
Full name Fenerbahçe Uluslararası Spor Kompleksi
Location Ataşehir, Istanbul, Turkey
Coordinates 40°59′35″N 29°6′16″E / 40.99306°N 29.10444°E / 40.99306; 29.10444Coordinates: 40°59′35″N 29°6′16″E / 40.99306°N 29.10444°E / 40.99306; 29.10444 [1]
Owner Fenerbahçe Spor Kulübü
Operator Anschutz Entertainment Group[2]
Capacity Basketball:
13,059 (fan seats)[3]
13,800 (with lounge and VIP areas)[4]
Concerts: 15,000[5]
Acreage 55,000 m2 (590,000 sq ft)

LED 250 m2 (2,700 sq ft), 28.5 ton

Opened 25 January 2012
Construction cost Turkish lira symbol 8x10px.png 200 million[2]
USD $ 110 million
EUR € 84 million
Architect DDG Ömerler Architecture
Fenerbahçe Istanbul (BSL)
Fenerbahçe Istanbul (TWBL)
Ülker Sports Arena is located in Istanbul
Ülker Sports Arena
Ülker Sports Arena
Location of Ülker Sports Arena in Istanbul, Turkey.

Fenerbahçe International Sports Complex Ülker Sports Arena (Turkish: Fenerbahçe Uluslararası Spor Kompleksi Ülker Spor Arena) is a multi-purpose indoor arena that is located in Ataşehir, Istanbul, Turkey. The arena is owned and operated by Fenerbahçe S.K.[6] The arena has a capacity of 15,000 people for concerts and 13,059 for basketball games,[3] and it has hosted national and international sports events, such as basketball, volleyball, wrestling, and weightlifting; as well as concerts and congresses.

Structure and features[edit]

The arena covers an area of approximately 55,000 m2 (590,000 sq ft), and is one of the major sports arenas in the city of Istanbul.[7] The arena also has fast-food cafeterias and restaurants. It also has 6 locker room areas, 5 additional small locker rooms, 44 lounge areas, VIP seating areas, and a 2,500 capacity hall, which can be used for both training and practice games.[8] Including the lounge and VIP areas, the arena can seat up to 13,800 people for sporting events.[4]


Ülker Sports Arena was inaugurated on 25 January 2012, with the Fenerbahçe Istanbul versus EA7 Emporio Armani game in the Euroleague 2011–12 season's Top 16 stage.[9] Fenerbahçe's small forward Marko Tomas, scored the first points in the arena, with a made 2-point jump shot, during the game against EA7 Emporio Armani. Fenerbahçe S.K.'s basketball teams, Fenerbahçe Men's Basketball and Fenerbahçe Women's Basketball, are currently playing their home games in the arena.

Concerts and events[edit]


EuroLeague attendances[edit]

This is a list of the EuroLeague game attendances of Fenerbahçe at Ülker Sports Arena.

Season Total High Low Average
2011–12 Euroleague Top 16 35,978 12,191 11,870 11,993
2012–13 Euroleague 85,303 12,100 1,800 7,109
2013–14 Euroleague 137,753 12,968 3,230 11,313
2014–15 Euroleague 164,449 13,013 8,559 11,746
2015–16 Euroleague 142,264 12,886 7,043 10,162


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