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Location of Þórisvatn in Iceland.
Location of Þórisvatn in Iceland.
Coordinates64°14′N 18°55′W / 64.233°N 18.917°W / 64.233; -18.917Coordinates: 64°14′N 18°55′W / 64.233°N 18.917°W / 64.233; -18.917
Primary inflowsÞjórsá
Primary outflowsÞjórsá
Basin countriesIceland
Surface area88 km2 (34 sq mi)
Max. depth109 m (358 ft)

Þórisvatn (Icelandic pronunciation: ​[ˈθouːrɪsˌvahtn̥]; sometimes anglicized to Thorisvatn[1]) is the largest lake of Iceland, situated at the south end of Sprengisandur highland road within the highlands of Iceland.

It is a reservoir of a surface about 88 km² and uses the energy of the river Þjórsá, which comes down from the glacier Hofsjökull. Here in the south, it is exploited in a power station. It is like other Icelandic lakes, which are mostly glacial lakes or volcanic lakes, it normally has a stark green color.

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