Þorbjörg Pálsdóttir

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Þorbjörg Guðrún Pálsdóttir
Þorbjörg Guðrún Pálsdóttir

February 10, 1919
Reykjavík, Iceland
Died11 November 2009(2009-11-11) (aged 90)
Known forsculpting

Þorbjörg Guðrún Pálsdóttir (February 10, 1919, Reykjavík – November 11, 2009, Reykjavík[1]) was an Icelandic sculptor. She is perhaps best known for her four green alien-like public statues Dansleikur/Dance in Reykjavík, which she completed in 1970. Other works of note include Par (1994). She was a member of the Icelandic Sculptors Society, which she established in the Icelandic capital in 1972 along with Hallsteinn Sigurðsson, Jon Gunnar Árnason, Ragnar Kjartansson and others.

The daughter of Pál Ólafsson and Hilda Stefánsdóttir, she married physician Andrés Ásmundsson (1916–2006) on 6 August 1942. They had five children and two adopted children, 18 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren.[1] She attended the Commercial College of Iceland and studied photography at Reykjavík Technical College and also studied in Stockholm.[1] Works by Þorbjörg are owned by various institutions, including the Icelandic National Gallery and Reykjavík Art Museum.[1]


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