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In Norse mythology, Þrúðheimr (anglicized Thrúdheim or Thrudheim), which means "World of strength" in Old Norse, is the home of Thor according to the Eddic poem Grímnismál (4). But in Snorri Sturluson's Edda (Gylfaginning, 21, 47; Skáldskaparmál, 17) and Ynglinga saga (5), the name of Thor's residence is Þrúðvangr or Þrúðvangar. Þrúðheimr is nevertheless mentioned in Snorri's Edda, but in its prologue.[1] In this euhemerized story, it is written that Tror, "whom we call Thor", conquered the kingdom of Thrace, "which we call Þrúðheimr".


  1. ^ Þrúðheimr is actually also mentioned in one manuscript Archived 2009-01-22 at the Wayback Machine (Codex Upsaliensis) of Gylfaginning (22), where it is the name of the residence of the giants Þjazi and Skaði, but the three other main manuscripts, along with Grímnismál (11), have Þrymheimr.