Āmeri House

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Āmeri House
Amerian House Taq.jpg
The northern iwan (balcony) in the main courtyard of the Āmeri House.
General information
Architectural styleIranian
LocationKashan, Iran
Coordinates33°58′30″N 51°26′31″E / 33.9750°N 51.4419°E / 33.9750; 51.4419

The Āmeri House is a large historic house in Kashan, Iran. It was originally built as a family residence during the reign of the Zand dynasty for Agha Āmeri, the governor of Kashan, and is now restored and transformed into a traditional-style hotel.[1][2][3]

Like the other historic houses that are located nearby, the Āmeri House was damaged through earthquakes in the 18th century, and was then rebuilt in the 19th century.[1] It is one of the prominent historic houses of Kashan, together with the Borujerdi House, the Tabātabāei House, and others.[4]


The Āmeri House is a huge property of 9,000 square metres (97,000 sq ft). It contains dozens of rooms, two bathhouses, and seven courtyards with gardens and fountains.[1][3] The main structure is made of brick. Mud and straw are used in the insulation. The inner spaces are decorated with gypsum and mirror works.[2]



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