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Ashlesha (Sanskrit: आश्लेषा or Āśleṣā) (Tibetan: སྐར་མ་སྐག), also known as Ayilyam in Tamil and Malayalam (Tamil: ஆயில்யம், Malayalam: ആയില്യം, Āyilyaṃ), is the 9th of the 27 nakshatras in Hindu astrology. Ashlesha is also known as the Clinging Star or Nāga.[1] It is known as the Hydra. It extends from 16:40 to 30:00 Cancer .[2]

The planetary lord is Mercury or Budha. Its presiding deities are the Nāgas.[3] The nakshatra's symbol is a coiled serpent. It is a trikshna or sharp nakshatra. Its animal symbol is the male cat.[4]

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