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Čížová is a village in the South Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic. It is situated 7 km northwest from Písek town. It has an area of 36.10 km² and 903 inhabitants.

It is connected with Písek by railroad no. 200 (Písek-Zdice). Dominant of the village is the Church of St. Jacob the Higher with the Chapel of St. Barbara, which is situated on the hill. The church is surrounded by a cemetery on which stays a historical bell tower. This hill can be seen from a very far sites. The village has also buildings and farms in the nice baroque architecture. There are also shops, a school, a fire department, a post office and a hotel.

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Coordinates: 49°21′24″N 14°05′35″E / 49.35667°N 14.09306°E / 49.35667; 14.09306