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ČD Cargo, a.s.
ServicesFreight transport[1]
RevenueDecrease CZK 14.1 bn. (2012)[1]
Decrease CZK -2.0 bn. (2012)[1]
Total assetsDecrease CZK 14.9 bn. Kč (2012)[1]
Total equityDecrease CZK 6.0 bn. (2012)[1]
Number of employees
Decrease 7,065 (2016)[2]
ParentČeské dráhy, a.s. (100 %)[1]
Siemens Vectron of ČD Cargo

ČD Cargo, a.s. (VKM: ČDC) is a state-owned Czech railway operator.


On 1 December 2007 dominant Czech railway operator České dráhy (Czech Railways) spun off its freight operations into newly established subsidiary ČD Cargo. Value of transferred long term assets with original accounting value amounting to CZK 4.8 bn was increased by evaluation difference CZK 5.5 bn calculated by advisory company YBN CONSULT.[3][4] As a result, ownership equity amounted to CZK 9.1 bn and registered capital CZK 8.8 bn was entered into the Commercial register.[4]

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