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The ČSRU Cup (Czech: Pohár ČSRU) is one of two rugby cup competitions in the Czech Republic, the other being the KB Cup.


The scores in blue are links to accounts of finals on various sites - in Czech

Year Champion Score Runner-up Place
October 28, 2007 RC Přelouč 20-23 RC Havířov Rugbyové hřiště PARKHEM, Přelouč
June 7, 2008 RC Havířov 26-15 RC Přelouč
May 31, 2009 RC Zlín[1] 20-13 RK Petrovice Stadion Mládeže, Zlín


  1. ^ [1] Zlín actually lost to Havířov in the semi-final, but were awarded their place in the final after it surfaced that Havířov had used three ineligible players.

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