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Native name Чачалица
Spomenik "ZVEZDA" cacalica.jpg
"The Star" (Zvezda) in the Čačalica memorial park
Location Hill above Požarevac, Serbia
Area 28 hectares
Architect Branislav Stojanović
Sculptor S. Mišić
Type Monument of Culture of Great Importance (Serbia)

Čačalica (Serbian Cyrillic: Чачалица) is a hill above Požarevac, which contains a memorial park with same name, Memorial Park Čačalica (Спомен парк Чачалица), that was built in 1962 and includes 28 hectares. The authors of the monuments inside the park are architects Branislav Stojanović and sculptor S. Mišić.[1] The memorial complex is built on a place where during World War II over 3,000 Yugoslav Partisans and their supporters were executed. There is a symbolic monument wall with bullet holes in the place where remains of those killed were buried. There is also a monument dedicated to soldiers of the Red Army who died during the fight to liberate Požarevac. On top of the hill there is monument called Zvezda ("the Star").[2]