Čaška Municipality

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Čaška Municipality
Општина Чашка
Rural municipality
Flag of Čaška Municipality
Location of Čaška Municipality
Country Macedonia
RegionVardar Statistical Region
Municipal seatČaška
 • MayorGorančo Panovski (VMRO-DPMNE)
 • Total819.45 km2 (316.39 sq mi)
Population (2002)
 • Total7,673
 • Density9.4/km2 (24/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
Area code(s)043
Car PlatesVE

Čaška (Macedonian: About this soundЧашка ) is a municipality in central part of Republic of Macedonia. Čaška is also the name of the village where the municipal seat is found. This municipality is part of the Vardar Statistical Region.



The municipality borders


By the 2003 territorial division of the Republic, the rural

were attached to Čaška Municipality.


There has been an increase in tourism in the municipality recently.

In 2008, there were 25% more tourists than the year before.

Besides domestic tourists, now there are also guests from


According to the 2002 Macedonian census, Čaška Municipality has 7,673 inhabitants.[2]

Ethnic groups in the municipality:

  • Macedonians = 4,395 (57.3%)
  • Albanians = 2,703 (35.2%)
  • Turks = 391 (5.1%)
  • others.

Demographics of Čaška Municipality
Census year Population Territorial
Division 2003

1994 2,876

2002[permanent dead link] 5,140
Demographics of the former Bogomila municipality
Census year Population

1994 1,336

2002[permanent dead link] 1,252
Demographics of the former Izvor municipality
Census year Population

1994 1,157

2002[permanent dead link] 1,049


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  2. ^ 2002 census results in English and Macedonian (PDF)

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Coordinates: 41°38′N 21°40′E / 41.64°N 21.67°E / 41.64; 21.67