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Čaprazlije is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Coordinates: 43°54′08″N 16°41′49″E / 43.90222°N 16.69694°E / 43.90222; 16.69694
Country Bosnia and Herzegovina
Entity Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Canton Canton 10
City Livno
Population (208)
 • Total 0 permanent residents
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Area code(s) 387
Website www.caprazlije.net

Čaprazlije is a village in the municipality of Livno, Bosnia and Herzegovina.[1] It is located 30km from Livno. It is located 5 km northwest of the village of Čelebić. Čaprazlije is situated north of Rujan and south of Prova. Bosnian Croats lived on the side of the village along Rujan, and Bosnian Serbs lived on the side towards Prova. Currently there are no permanent residents in the village.

The earliest written mention of the village of Čaprazlije is by Dragičev in 1741. He was visiting Catholic villages in the Livanjsko field. Friar Grga Lozić wrote more about the village, and claimed that the village was once called Skučani. He wrote that the village was renamed after the death of beg Čaprazli at Brižina. In some church documents, Čaprazlije is called Sarumiševo. There are other documents that use the word čep (meaning plug in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian languages) in the name of the town. During flooding, typically from October to March, springs in the area get blocked with debris and a plug is formed causing water to flood the surrounding land.

In 1768 amongst the inhabitants were 80 Catholics. By 1813 the number of Catholics grew to 104. In 1768 the following families were residing in Čaprazlije : Barać, Glavurdić, Grame, Hrgović, Jukić, Kujundžija, Ljubičić, Odak, Smoljić, Tokić.[2]


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Coordinates: 43°54′08″N 16°41′49″E / 43.90222°N 16.69694°E / 43.90222; 16.69694