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Directed by Jakov Sedlar
Produced by Jakov Sedlar
Written by Ivan Aralica
Starring Ivan Marević
Ena Begović
Music by Zlatko Tanodi
Cinematography Igor Sunara
Edited by Zdravko Borko
Ivica Drnić
Release date
7 December 1999
Running time
123 minutes
Country Croatia
Language Croatian (smaller parts in Serbian, Slovene, English and Russian)

Četverored is 1999 Croatian film directed by Jakov Sedlar. Based on the novel of the same name by Ivan Aralica,[1] the plot of the film deals with the Bleiburg tragedy.

The movie, which was one of the most lavish and expensive productions of 1990s Croatian cinema industry, received generally poor reviews and was almost ignored by the public in theaters.

Četverored was immersed in controversy in late 1999, while being aired on Croatian Radio Television as two-part mini-series. The second part was to be aired a day before the 2000 parliamentary elections, during electoral silence. Since most of the villains in the film happened to be Croatian Communists, many saw the airing of the film as an attempt to turn voters away from the ex-Communist Social Democratic Party of Croatia, which had a commanding lead at opinion polls, and illegal propaganda in favor of the ruling party, the Croatian Democratic Union. Others complained about large quantity of scenes with graphic violence, deemed inappropriate for airing in prime time. HRT yielded to pressure and postponed the airing after the elections.



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