Čiflik, Demir Kapija

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Chiflik is located in Republic of Macedonia
Location within Macedonia
Coordinates: 41°23′13″N 22°13′29″E / 41.38694°N 22.22472°E / 41.38694; 22.22472Coordinates: 41°23′13″N 22°13′29″E / 41.38694°N 22.22472°E / 41.38694; 22.22472
Country  Macedonia
Statistical region Vardar Statistical Region
Municipality Demir Kapija Municipality

Čiflik is a small village in Demir Kapija Municipality. It is along the Dosnica river which leads into the Kozuf mountain. The river is the source of drinking and power production for the municipality. It is also home to some indigenous fish and often the spot of fishermen off the beaten path, enjoying a quiet afternoon. It is located on a turn-off-road about 4 km down the Demir Kapija road Partizanska just past the bridge.


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