Čučer-Sandevo Municipality

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Čučer-Sandevo Municipality
Општина Чучер-Сандево
Komuna e Çuçerit
Rural municipality
Flag of Čučer-Sandevo Municipality
Official logo of Čučer-Sandevo Municipality
Coat of arms
Location of Čučer-Sandevo Municipality
Country  Macedonia
Region Skopje Statistical Region
Municipal Seat Čučer-Sandevo
 • Mayor Jovan Pejkovski (Independent)
 • Total 240.78 km2 (92.97 sq mi)
 • Total 8,493
 • Density 35/km2 (91/sq mi)
 • primary Macedonian
 • secondary Serbian
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Area code(s) +389 02
Car plates SK

Čučer-Sandevo Municipality (Macedonian: About this sound Чучер-Сандево , Albanian: Komuna e Çuçerit) is a municipality in northern part of Republic of Macedonia. Čučer-Sandevo is also the name of the village where the municipal seat is found. It is located in the Skopje Statistical Region.


The municipality borders


Settlements in Čučer-Sandevo Municipality

According to the 2002 Macedonian census, Čučer-Sandevo Municipality has 8,493 inhabitants.[1]

Ethnic groups in the municipality:

  • Macedonians = 4,019 (47.3%)
  • Serbs = 2,426 (28.6%)
  • Albanians = 1,943 (22.9%)
  • others
Demographics of Čučer-Sandevo Municipality
Census year Population

1994 8,064

2002 8,493


  1. ^ 2002 census results in English and Macedonian (PDF)

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Coordinates: 42°07′N 21°23′E / 42.11°N 21.38°E / 42.11; 21.38