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Lâm Tấn Phác, pen name Đông Hồ (Đông Hồ, 10 March 1906 - 25 March 1969) was a Vietnamese poet and journalist. He was employed as a writer on the Saigon newspaper Đông Pháp Thời Báo during the 1920s.[1] He was married to the poet Mộng Tuyết.


  1. ^ The Birth of Vietnamese Political Journalism: Saigon, 1916-1930 - Page 165 Philippe M. F. Peycam - 2012 "Another new face at Indochina Times was the southern poet and journalist Lâm Tấn Phác, better known by his pen name, Đông Hồ, who enjoyed national recognition for his poetry in quốc ngữ. His editorials were devoted to issues of language ... "