Đồng Nai Bridge

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The bridge

Đồng Nai Bridge (Vietnamese: Cầu Đồng Nai) is an important road bridge towards the south of the city of Biên Hòa in Vietnam. It is located along National Highway 1A,[1] and crosses the river, connecting Bình Dương Province to Đồng Nai Province. The bridge has a length of 453.9 metres, and has 4 lanes, with a curb for pedestrians sides 3.6 metres wide.[2]

The bridge was constructed in 1964, and it is now showing signs of degradation, although more than 44,000 vehicles pass over it per day.[3] Currently, there is another bridge construction project underway in Đồng Nai with two parallel bridges intended to replace this ageing bridge. The new one was built and in use.


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Coordinates: 10°54′04″N 106°50′22″E / 10.90111°N 106.83944°E / 10.90111; 106.83944