Đồng Nai river

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The Đồng Nai River (sông Đồng Nai About this sound listen) is a river in Vietnam that originates in the Central Highlands region of the southern portion of the country. It is approximately 586 km in length.[1] It gives its name to Đồng Nai Province.


  1. ^ Saigon: A History Nghia M. Vo - 2011 - Page 1 "The Đồng Nai River and the much larger Mekong River had been for centuries thriving waterways that allowed easy communication and commerce with Cambodia and Laos, and the seaports of Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and China."

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Coordinates: 10°55′49″N 106°49′26″E / 10.9303°N 106.824°E / 10.9303; 106.824