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Đurđevi stupovi

Coordinates: 43°09′56″N 20°29′48″E / 43.16556°N 20.49667°E / 43.16556; 20.49667
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Đurđevi Stupovi Monastery
Ђурђеви Ступови Манастир
Đurđevi Stupovi Manastir
Црква Свете Ђурђеви Ступови
Crkva Sveti Đurđevi stupovi
Exterior view of monastery
LocationNovi Pazar, Serbia
DenominationSerbian Orthodox
Founder(s)Stefan Nemanja
DedicationHoly Virgin
Functional statusPublic access
StyleRaška school
Years built1170
Number of domes1
ArchdioceseEparchy of Raška and Prizren
Criteriai, iii
Designated1979 (3rd)
Part ofStari Ras and Sopoćani
Reference no.96
RegionEurope and North America
Official nameManastir Đurđevi stupovi
TypeCultural monument of Exceptional Importance
Designated26 August 1947
Reference no.SK 155

The Đurđevi Stupovi Monastery (Serbian: Манастир Ђурђеви ступови, romanizedManastir Đurđevi stupovi, lit. "Pillars of St. George") is a Serbian Orthodox monastery located in the vicinity of medieval Stari Ras and today's city of Novi Pazar, in the Raška region of Serbia.[1]

The monastery is located near Novi Pazar, on the top of a prominent elevation covered with woods. It was erected in ca. 1170 as an endowment of Grand Prince Stefan Nemanja, dedicated to St. George; it is known as the "Pillars of St. George". The monastery is exceptional not only for its position and significance it had according to medieval chronicles and manuscripts, but also for its particular architecture. It was named after the church dedicated to St George and its two former bell towers, two high towers – pillars (old Slavic language- stolp, stub). Namely, according to Stefan the First-Crowned, Nemanja had built this church to commemorate his gratitude to St. George for saving him from dungeons-caves where he was put by his brothers.[1]



The monastery in 2008

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43°09′56″N 20°29′48″E / 43.16556°N 20.49667°E / 43.16556; 20.49667