Đura Horvatović

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Đura Horvatović
Steva Todorovic General Horvatovic.png
General Đura Horvatović, artwork by Stevan Todorović
Born 17 January 1835
Nova Gradiška, Austrian Empire
Died 28 February 1895
Belgrade, Kingdom of Serbia
Allegiance Principality of Serbia
Kingdom of Serbia
Rank General
Battles/wars Serbo-Turkish wars

Đura Horvatović (Serbian Cyrillic: Ђура Хорватовић; January 17, 1835 in Nova Gradiška – February 28, 1895 in Belgrade) was a Serbian general and military minister.

From the Austrian army with the rank of lieutenant, he joined to the Serbian Army in 1862. He distinguished himself in the First Serbian-Turkish War 1876-77, in which he commanded as a lieutenant colonel of Knjaževac army. He was promoted to colonel and took command of the 4th Corps, whose part in the battle of Šumatovac attacked the right flank of the Turkish army and contributed to the victory of the Serbian army.

In the Second Serbian-Turkish War 1877-78 he commanded the corps of Timok, with which on 24 December 1877 took Bela Palanka. Four days later in conjunction with Šumadija corps he took Pirot as well.

From 1881-85 he was a deputy in St. Petersburg, then commander of the active Army and its Minister 1886-87.[1][2]


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