Đuro Đaković

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Đuro Đaković
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Đuro Đaković
Born (1886-11-30)November 30, 1886
Slavonski Brod, Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia
Died April 29, 1929(1929-04-29) (aged 42)
Sveti Duh na Ostrem Vrhu, Oblast of Maribor, Kingdom of Yugoslavia
Birthplace of Đuro Đaković near Slavonski Brod

Đuro Đaković (30 November 1886 in Slavonski Brod – 25 April 1929) was a Yugoslav communist and revolutionary.

He was one of the leaders of Communist Party of Yugoslavia under the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. He actively opposed the January 6 Dictatorship of King Alexander I. Due to this, he was arrested in Zagreb and executed on the Yugoslav border with Austria on April 25, 1929.

From 1945 to 1990 a street in Zagreb was named for him, Đuro Đaković Workers' Street (Radnička cesta Đure Đakovića). The name was shortened to Workers' Street (Radnička cesta) after the Croatian War of Independence. A street in Ljubljana was also renamed after him, Đaković Street (Slovene: Djakovićeva cesta), but the original name Litostroj Street (Litostrojska cesta) was restored in 1993.[1]


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