İzmit İsmetpaşa Stadium

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İzmit İsmetpaşa Stadium
İzmit İsmetpaşa Stadyumu
İsmetpaşa Stadı Dağ Tarafı.JPG
İzmit İsmetpaşa Stadium
İzmit İsmetpaşa Stadium is located in Turkey
İzmit İsmetpaşa Stadium
İzmit İsmetpaşa Stadium
Location of İzmit İsmetpaşa Stadium in Turkey.
Location Derince, İzmit, Kocaeli Province, Turkey
Coordinates 40°45′47″N 29°51′15″E / 40.7631°N 29.8542°E / 40.7631; 29.8542Coordinates: 40°45′47″N 29°51′15″E / 40.7631°N 29.8542°E / 40.7631; 29.8542 -->
Owner Kocaeli Sports and Youth Services Directorate
Capacity 15,462
Surface grass
Opened 1976; 41 years ago (1976)

İzmit İsmetpaşa Stadium (Turkish: İzmit İsmetpaşa Stadyumu) is a multi-purpose stadium at Derince district of İzmit in Kocaeli Province, Turkey. It is named after the Turkish general and statesman İsmet İnönü (1884–1973), widely known as İsmet Pasha.

Built in 1976, it is situated on the Istanbul-İzmit highway D-100 . The stadium holds 15,462 spectators.[1][2] It is used mostly for football matches and hosts the home matches of Kocaelispor.[3][4][5]


In 2013, it was announced that the stadium's estate was handed over to Public Works and the stadium will be demolished in order to make place for residences and a shopping mall.[2][4] A new stadium with 33,000 seating capacity was built in Alikahya neighborhood of Kartepe district.[5] The demolition works are scheduled to start in June 2015.[6]


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