İzmir Province

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Izmir Province
Izmir ili
Province of Turkey
Location of Izmir Province in Turkey
Location of Izmir Province in Turkey
Country Turkey
Region Aegean
Subregion Izmir
 • Electoral district Izmir
 • Governor Mustafa Toprak
 • Total 11,973 km2 (4,623 sq mi)
Population (2010)[1]
 • Total 3,948,848
 • Density 330/km2 (850/sq mi)
Area code(s) 0232
Vehicle registration 35

İzmir Province (Turkish: Izmir ili) is a province of Turkey in western Anatolia on the Aegean coast. Its capital is the city of İzmir. On the west it is surrounded by the Aegean sea, and it encloses the Gulf of Izmir. Its area is 11,973 kilometres (7,440 miles).2, population 3.948.848 (2010 tüik census). The population was 3,370,866 in 2000. Neighbouring provinces are Balıkesir on the north, Manisa on the east, and Aydın on the south. The traffic code of the province is 35.

The main rivers of the province are the Küçük Menderes river, Koca Çay (with Güzelhisar dam), and Bakırçay. Its provincial capital is the city of İzmir, the traffic code is 35.



The area was first settled by local Anatolians, milleninum later Ionians in about the 11th century BC who established the League of Ionia. It was later conquered by the Persians, retaken by the Greeks, before being subsumed into the Roman Empire. After the split of the Roman Empire, the area became part of what is now called the Byzantine Empire until conquered by the Ottoman Turks in the 14th century. Following the First World War the province was ceded to Greece, but was retaken by the forces of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in the Turkish War of Independence. As a result of the Treaty of Lausanne all Greek Orthodox inhabitants of the province had to leave, and İzmir Province was incorporated into the modern republic of Turkey.

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