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Porin Ässät
Ässät Logo.svg
City Pori
League Liiga
Founded 1967 (1967)
Home arena Isomäki Areena (capacity 6,500)
General manager Finland Eeva Perttula
Head coach Finland Jyrki Aho
Captain Finland Matti Kuparinen
Website www.assat.com

Porin Ässät (Finnish for Pori Aces) is an ice hockey club based in the town of Pori, Finland. They play in the Finnish elite league, Liiga. They play in at the Porin jäähalli in Isomäki. This arena is known for its intense atmosphere and for being a hard place for visiting teams to achieve desired results.[1]

The full name of the company operating the team is at present HC Ässät Pori Oy. They have won three Finnish Championships in ice hockey (1971, 1978, and 2013), and several other medals — most recently silver in 2006. In addition, both Karhut and RU-38 were one-time champions each.


The club was established in 1967 when two local clubs, Karhut and RU-38 merged. Ässät has also played football from 1967 to 1981. For a few seasons, they played in the Mestaruussarja (‘championship series’), after they were given RU-38’s place in this competition.

Team staff[edit]

Updated March 7, 2017.[2][3]

Title Staff Member
General Manager Eeva Perttula
Sports Director Jari Korpisalo
Head Coach Jyrki Aho
Assistant Coach Mikael Kotkaniemi
Assistant Coach Petteri Niittynen
Goaltending Coach Jaakko Rosendahl


Current roster[edit]

Updated September 27, 2017.[4]

# Nat Player Pos S/G Age Acquired Birthplace
21 Finland Appelgren, NiklasNiklas Appelgren F L 27 2017 Kouvola, Finland
1 Italy Bernard, AndreasAndreas Bernard G L 27 2015 Bolzano, Italy
24 United States Blood, BenBen Blood D L 28 2017 Plymouth, Minnesota
72 Finland Ervasti, NikoNiko Ervasti D L 20 2017 Raahe, Finland
8 Italy Insam, MarcoMarco Insam F R 28 2017 Selva, Italy
97 Finland Juhola, JoukaJouka Juhola F L 20 2013 Harjavalta, Finland
32 Finland Kiviaho, HenriHenri Kiviaho G L 23 2016 Lappeenranta, Finland
11 Finland Korhonen, VilleVille Korhonen F L 30 2016 Tampere, Finland
31 Finland Kotkaniemi, JesperiJesperi Kotkaniemi C L 17 Pori, Finland
22 Finland Kuparinen, MattiMatti Kuparinen (A) C R 33 2015 Pori, Finland
28 Canada Laganiere, AntoineAntoine Laganiere C L 27 2017 L'Île-Cadieux, Quebec
33 Finland Lamberg, MattiMatti Lamberg RW R 24 2017 Kiiminki, Finland
41 Finland Lähteenmäki, SamiSami Lähteenmäki RW L 28 2017 Loppi, Finland
14 Finland Makkonen, JussiJussi Makkonen C L 32 2016 Turku, Finland
43 Sweden Matushkin, MaksimMaksim Matushkin D R 27 2016 Minsk, Belarus
61 Canada McRae, PhilipPhilip McRae C L 27 2017 Chesterfield, Missouri
9 Finland Mäkelä, AleksiAleksi Mäkelä D L 22 2016 Tampere, Finland
77 Finland Peltola, NikoNiko Peltola D L 27 2016 Huittinen, Finland
59 Finland Saha, MikaelMikael Saha C L 22 2012 Loimaa, Finland
46 Finland Salmio, MikkoMikko Salmio F L 26 2017 Jämsä, Finland
16 Finland Seppälä, JereJere Seppälä D L 24 2016 Kemi, Finland
50 Finland Suoranta, SimonSimon Suoranta (A) F L 25 2016 Vaasa, Finland
42 Finland Tammi, ValtteriValtteri Tammi LW R 21 Pori, Finland
36 Finland Tommila, JuhoJuho Tommila (C) D R 24 2016 Lappi Tl, Finland
3 Finland Tuohilampi, KristianKristian Tuohilampi D L 27 2017 Helsinki, Finland
10 Finland Varttinen, MatiasMatias Varttinen RW R 22 Eura, Finland
23 Finland Vuorisalo, TeemuTeemu Vuorisalo D R 22 Pori, Finland
25 Finland Walli, JuusoJuuso Walli D L 21 Tampere, Finland

Retired numbers[edit]

Number 89 has not been officially retired, but is not in use. It has only been worn by Jaroslav Otevrel, who paralyzed in a collision with another player during the 1995–96 season

Notable alumni[edit]


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