Łomża Department

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Łomża Department
Departament Łomzyński
Department of the Duchy of Warsaw

Location of Łomża
Administrative division of the Duchy of Warsaw, 1810–1815. Łomża Department is brown in the north-east
Capital Łomża
 •  Established 1807
 •  Disestablished 1813

Łomża Department (Polish: Departament Łomzyński) was an administrative division and local government in the Polish Duchy of Warsaw in the years 1807–1815. Its capital city was Łomża and consisted of 10 counties.

From January to July 1807 the Department was known as the Białystok Department (Departament Białostocki) with the capital of Białystok, but after Treaties of Tilsit, Russia agreed for the creation of the Duchy of Warsaw, but in exchange it was ceded four powiats: Białostocki, Bielski, Sokólski and Drohicki. Thus the capital of the Department had to be moved, and its name changed.

After 1815 most of its lands became a part of the Augustów Voivodeship. In 1867 it was reconstituted as the Łomża Governorate.

Administrative divisions[edit]

It was divided into 7 counties:

  • Biebrzańsk County (seat in Szczuczyn)
  • Dąbrowski County (seat in Lipsk, later in Augustów)
  • Kalvarija County
  • Łomża County
  • Marijampolė County
  • Tykociń County
  • Wigierski-Sejny County (seat in Sejny)


Coordinates: 53°11′00″N 22°05′00″E / 53.183333°N 22.083333°E / 53.183333; 22.083333