Łomża Governorate

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Łomża Governorate
Ломжская Губерния
Gubernia łomżyńska
Governorate of Russian Empire



Coat of arms of Łomża

Coat of arms

Location of Łomża
Łomża Governorate (in light pink)
Capital Łomża
53°10′N 22°5′E / 53.167°N 22.083°E / 53.167; 22.083Coordinates: 53°10′N 22°5′E / 53.167°N 22.083°E / 53.167; 22.083
 •  Established 1867
 •  Disestablished 1914

Łomża Governorate (Russian: Ломжская губерния; Polish: Gubernia łomżyńska) was an administrative unit (guberniya) of Congress Poland with seat in Łomża.


In 1867 territories of the Augustów Governorate and the Płock Governorate were divided into a smaller Płock Governorate, Suwałki Governorate (consisting mostly of the Augustów Governorate territories) and a recreated Łomża Governorate.

In 1893, a small amount of territory was transferred from the Łomża Governorate to the Warsaw Governorate.


  • 1893–95 Reinhold Roman von Essen (1836–95)

Administrative divisions[edit]

It was divided into seven counties:

County County Seat Major Towns
Kolneński County POL Kolno COA.svg Kolno JedwabnoStawiski
Łomża County POL Łomża COA.svg Łomża NowogródŚniadowoWiznaZambrów
Maków County POL Maków Mazowiecki COA.svg Maków KrasnosielcRóżan
Wysokie Mazowieckie County POL Wysokie Mazowieckie COA.svg Mazowieck CiechanowiecSokołyTykocin
Ostrołęka County POL Ostrołęka COA.svg Ostrołęka Myszyniec
Ostrów County Herb ostrowi.svg Ostrów AndrzejewoBrokCzyżewNur
Szczuczyn County POL Szczuczyn COA.svg Szczuczyn GrajewoRadziłówRajgródWąsosz


  • By the Imperial census of 1897.[1] In bold are languages spoken by more people than the state language.

References and notes[edit]

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  2. ^ Languages, number of speakers which in all gubernia were less than 1000

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