Ōbu Station

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Ōbu Station
JR obu sta.JPG
Ōbu Station, January 2008
Location 3-135 Chuo-cho, Ōbu, Aichi
Operated by JR Central
  • Bus stop
Opened 1887
Passengers (FY2008) 12,831 daily

Ōbu Station (大府駅?, Ōbu-eki) is a railway station on the Tōkaidō Main Line in Ōbu, Aichi, Japan, operated by the Central Japan Railway Company (JR Central).


Ōbu Station is served by the Tōkaidō Main Line and also Taketoyo Line services. It forms the terminus of the Taketoyo Line, and is 346.5 rail kilometers from the terminus of the Tōkaidō Main Line at Tokyo Station. Ōbu was also an endpoint of the abandoned construction project of the Nanpō Freight Line.[citation needed]


Ōbu Station has a single side platform and two island platforms, serving five tracks, although Platform 5 is not in normal use. The platforms are connected by overpasses. The station building has automated ticket machines, TOICA automated turnstiles and a manned "Green Window" service counter.


1  Tōkaidō Main Line for Okazaki, Toyohashi, and Hamamatsu
2  Taketoyo Line for Higashiura, Handa, and Taketoyo
 Tōkaidō Main Line for Okazaki, Toyohashi, and Hamamatsu
3  Taketoyo Line for Higashiura, Handa, and Taketoyo
 Tōkaidō Main Line for Nagoya, Gifu, and Ōgaki
4  Tōkaidō Main Line for Nagoya, Gifu, and Ōgaki
5  (none) Not normally used

Adjacent stations[edit]

« Service »
Tōkaidō Main Line
Kariya   New Rapid   Kanayama
Kariya   Rapid   Kyōwa
Kariya   Sectional Rapid   Kyōwa
Aizuma   Local   Kyōwa
Special Rapid: Does not stop at this station
Taketoyo Line
Terminus   -   Owari-Morioka


Ōbu Station was opened on September 10, 1887 when the section of the Japanese government railway connecting Hamamatsu Station with Ōbu Station was completed. The line north to Atsuta, as well as the present-day Taketoyo Line, was in operation since the year before, but there was no station in Ōbu.[2]

The station building was rebuilt in 1978. All freight operations were discontinued in November 1982 and small parcels from November 1986. With the privatization and dissolution of the JNR on April 1, 1987, the station came under the control of the Central Japan Railway Company.


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Coordinates: 35°00′31″N 136°57′44″E / 35.0086°N 136.9621°E / 35.0086; 136.9621