Ōfuna Station

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Ōfuna Station
West gate of JR Ōfuna Station
Prefecture Kanagawa
(See other stations in Kanagawa)
City Kamakura
Neighborhood 1 Ōfuna
Postal code 247-0056
Address in Japanese 神奈川県鎌倉市大船一丁目
Opened 1888
Rail services
Operator(s) JR East, Shonan Monorail
Line(s) Tōkaidō Main Line
Negishi Line
Yokosuka Line
Shōnan Monorail Enoshima Line
Statistics 97,118 passengers/day (JR, FY2013)
Bus Medium bus terminal at this station
Shonan Monorail at Ōfuna Station

Ōfuna Station (大船駅 Ōfuna-eki?) is a railway station in Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan, operated by East Japan Railway Company (JR East).


Ōfuna Station is served by the Tōkaidō Main Line, Shōnan-Shinjuku Line, Negishi Line (Keihin-Tōhoku Line), Yokosuka Line as well as the Shonan Monorail. It is 46.5 km from the terminus of the Tōkaidō Main Line at Tokyo Station.

Station layout[edit]

Ōfuna Station is an elevated station with five island platforms serving a total of 11 tracks. "Track 0" to the outside of Track 1 has no platform access and is reserved for the through passage of freight trains. The adjacent Shonan Monorail station has a single bay platform.

There are above-track station buildings at both ends of the platforms, toward Fujisawa and toward Totsuka, offering passage between lines inside the ticket gates. The Sunaoshi River (砂押川 Sunaoshi-gawa?), which runs between the two current station buildings, is a city boundary, meaning that the end of the station near Fujisawa is in Kamakura, while the end toward Totsuka is in Sakae-ku, Yokohama. However, the station master's office is, as was before the station's rebuilding, on the Kamakura side, so the station is treated as a Kamakura station, and not considered to be within the city of Yokohama.

The Fujisawa-side station building has the southern ticket gates and connects to East and West exits. The station building is connected by a passageway beside the building to the Shounan Monorail station. There is also a Midori no Madoguchi staffed ticket office and a View Plaza travel agency.

In the Totsuka-side station building is the northern ticket gate, connected to the Kasama Entrance.


1-2  Tokaido Main Line for Yokohama, Kawasaki, Shinagawa, and Tokyo
 Shonan Shinjuku Line for Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Ōmiya, Kumagaya, Takasaki, and Maebashi
3-4  Tokaido Main Line for Fujisawa, Chigasaki, Hiratsuka, Kōzu, Odawara, and Atami
5-6  Yokosuka Line for Yokohama, Musashi-Kosugi, Shinagawa and Tokyo
Sōbu Main Line for Chiba, Narita Line for Narita Airport,
Uchibō Line for Kimitsu, Sotobō Line for Kazusa-Ichinomiya
 Shonan Shinjuku Line for Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Ōmiya, Oyama, and Utsunomiya
 Narita Express for Narita Airport
7  Yokosuka Line for Zushi, Kamakura, Yokosuka, and Kurihama
 Shonan Shinjuku Line for Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Ōmiya
8  Yokosuka Line for Zushi, Kamakura, Yokosuka, and Kurihama
9-10  Negishi Line for Isogo and Yokohama
Keihin Tōhoku Line for Tokyo, Ueno, and Ōmiya
 Yokohama Line for Higashi-Kanagawa, Shin-Yokohama, Machida, and Hachioji


Yokohama Dreamland Monorail platforms in June 1984

Ōfuna Station opened on November 1, 1888 as a station on the Tōkaidō Main Line. The Yokosuka Line between Ōfuna and Yokosuka opened on June 16, 1889. Freight operations began in 1894.[1]

In May 1966, the Yokohama Dreamland Monorail began operations from Ōfuna to Yokohama Dreamland, an amusement park built some 7 km north of the station. However, the monorail stopped running in September 1967 after cracks were found in the guideway.[2]

In March 7, 1970 another monorail began operations from Ōfuna to the south. This Shonan Monorail eventually connected the station to Enoshima.

Passenger statistics[edit]

In fiscal 2013, the JR East station was used by an average of 97,118 passengers daily (boarding passengers only), making it the 42nd-busiest station operated by JR East.[3] A total of 4,817,536 passengers used the Shōnan Monorail station in fiscal 2012.[4] The daily average passenger figures (boarding passengers only) for JR East in previous years are as shown below.

Fiscal year Daily average
2000 83,660[5]
2005 87,333[6]
2010 93,679[7]
2011 93,397[8]
2012 95,317[9]
2013 97,118[3]

Adjacent stations[edit]

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Terminus Local Fujimichō


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