Ōmachi Dam

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Ōmachi Dam
Omachi Dam.jpg
Ōmachi Dam is located in Japan
Ōmachi Dam
Location of Ōmachi Dam in Japan
Country Japan
Location Ōmachi
Coordinates 36°30′53″N 137°46′53″E / 36.51472°N 137.78139°E / 36.51472; 137.78139Coordinates: 36°30′53″N 137°46′53″E / 36.51472°N 137.78139°E / 36.51472; 137.78139
Status Operational
Construction began 1972
Opening date 1985
Owner(s) TEPCO
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Gravity
Impounds Takase River
Height 107 m (351 ft)
Length 338 m (1,109 ft)[1]
Dam volume 766,000 m3 (1,001,890 cu yd)
Spillways 2
Spillway type 4 x radial gates
Spillway capacity 1,910 m3/s (67,451 cu ft/s)
Total capacity 33,900,000 m3 (27,483 acre·ft)
Active capacity 28,900,000 m3 (23,430 acre·ft)
Surface area 110 ha (272 acres)
Normal elevation 898 m (2,946 ft)[2]
Power station
Commission date April 1985
Hydraulic head 63.4 m (208 ft)
Turbines 1 x 13 MW Francis-type
Installed capacity 13 MW

The Ōmachi Dam is a concrete gravity dam on the Takase River just west of Ōmachi in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. Construction of the dam began in 1975 and it was completed in 1985. The primary purpose of the dam is water supply and it also supports a 13 MW hydroelectric power station.[3] It is owned by TEPCO.[1]

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