Ōmachi Station (Saga)

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Ōmachi Station

Ōmachi Station (大町駅?, Ōmachi-eki) is a train station in Ōmachi, Kishima District, Saga Prefecture, Japan. It is operated by JR Kyushu and is on the Sasebo Line.


It has two tracks, one island platform and a footbridge connecting it with the station building.


  • Saga Sanyo Industries
  • Ōmachi City Hall
  • Ōmachi Post Office
  • Ōmachi Higashi Post Office
  • Ōmachi Hospital
  • Ōmachi Police Station
  • Ōmachi Elementary School
  • Ōmachi Junior High School


  • 1896-05-05 - Opening
  • 1987-04-01 - Railways privatize and the station is inherited by JR Kyushu

Adjacent stations[edit]

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