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Ome Liner.JPG
183 series EMU showing Ōme Liner headboard display
Service typeLimited express (Since 16 March 2019)
Liner (Before 16 March 2019)
LocaleTokyo, Japan
First service16 March 1991 (as Ohayō Liner Ōme and Home Liner Ōme)
1 December 2001 (as Ōme Liner)
16 March 2019 (as Ōme)
Last service15 March 2019 (Ōme Liner)
Current operator(s)JR logo (east).svg JR East
Line(s) usedChūō Rapid Line, Ōme Line
On-board services
Class(es)Green + Standard class
Rolling stockE353 series EMUs
Track gauge1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
Electrification1,500 V DC overhead

The Ōme (おうめ) is limited express train service for commuters on the Chūō Rapid Line and Ōme Line operated by East Japan Railway Company (JR East). The train operates on weekdays only. All seats are reserved on this train.

Prior to 16 March 2019, this train operated as the Ōme Liner (青梅ライナー), which was a limited-stop reserved-seat "Home Liner" service. Since 16 March 2019, the Ōme Liner has upgraded to limited express status and becomes the Ōme.


Tokyo - Shinjuku - Tachikawa - Haijima - Kabe - Ōme

Service outline[edit]

As Ōme[edit]


  • Ōme 2: Ōme to Tokyo


  • Ōme 1: Tokyo to Ōme

As Ōme Liner[edit]


  • Ōme Liner: Ōme to Tokyo


  • Ōme Liner 1: Tokyo to Ōme
  • Ōme Liner 3: Tokyo to Ōme
  • Ōme Liner 5: Tokyo to Ōme


JR East announced a new timetable revision which took effect from 16 March 2019 onwards. It announced the discontinuation of the Chūō Liner and the Ōme Liner, which was replaced by two new limited express services, the Hachiōji (はちおうじ) and the Ōme (おうめ) respectively. The Ōme operates less services than the former Ōme Liner, with only one Tokyo-bound train during the morning rush, and one Ōme-bound train during the evening rush. With this, a new ticketing system is now implemented, in which limited express tickets can be purchased in advance, unlike the Liner tickets which can only be bought on the day of boarding.[1]

Rolling stock[edit]

Current rolling stock[edit]

  • E353 series (since March 16, 2019)

Past rolling stock[edit]

  • 183 series 9-car EMUs (from March 16, 1991 until June 29, 2002)
  • E257 series 9-car EMUs (since July 1, 2002 until March 15, 2019)


Current formation[edit]

Ōme E353 series[edit]

Past formation[edit]

Ōme Liner E257 series[edit]

←Tokyo Ōme→
- 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
- Reserved Reserved Reserved Reserved Reserved Re Grn Reserved Reserved Reserved

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