Ōmiya Hachiman Shrine (Hyōgo)

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Ōmiya Hachiman Shrine (大宮八幡宮, Ōmiya-Hachimangū)
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Ōmiya Hachiman Shrine
Ōmiya Hachiman Shrine (Hyōgo) is located in Japan
Ōmiya Hachiman Shrine (Hyōgo)
Shown within Japan
Geographic coordinates34°47′42.1″N 134°59′8.4″E / 34.795028°N 134.985667°E / 34.795028; 134.985667Coordinates: 34°47′42.1″N 134°59′8.4″E / 34.795028°N 134.985667°E / 34.795028; 134.985667
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Miki Autumn Harvest Festival
Oni-oi Shiki

Ōmiya Hachiman Shrine (大宮八幡宮, Ōmiya-Hachimangū) is a Shinto shrine in Miki, Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan. It is a Hachiman Shrine that was founded in 1111 and was rebuilt in 1585 after having burned down.[1]


  • Third Sunday in January: Oni-oi Shiki.
  • Second and third Saturdays and Sundays in October: Miki Autumn Harvest Festival.

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This shrine is near Miki station on the Ao Line of Kobe Electric Railway.