Ōnishi Station

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Ōnishi Station
Onishi stn.jpg
Ōnishi Station
Location Shinchō, Ōnishi-chō, Imabari, Ehime
Operated by JR Shikoku
Line(s) Yosan Line
  • Bus stop
Opened 1924

Ōnishi Station (大西駅 Ōnishi Eki?) is a JR Shikoku Yosan Line railway station located in Imabari, Ehime Prefecture, Japan.

Station layout[edit]

Ōnishi Station has two tracks serving two side platforms.

Surrounding area[edit]

Myōkensan burial mound is located 15 minutes on foot from the station.[1]


Ōnishi Station opened on December 1, 1924, as Iyo-Ōi Station (伊予大井駅 Iyo-Ōi-eki?) after its location in the village of Ōi. In March 1955, Ōi Village was incorporated into the town of Ōnishi, and on October 1, 1959, this station was renamed to Ōnishi Station.


Coordinates: 34°03′58″N 132°55′46″E / 34.066193°N 132.92931°E / 34.066193; 132.92931