Ōsumi Peninsula

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Satellite image of Ōsumi Peninsula

The Ōsumi Peninsula (大隅半島, Ōsumi Hantō) projects south from the Japanese island of Kyūshū and includes the southernmost point on the island, Cape Sata. Its east coast lies on the Pacific Ocean, while to the west it faces the Satsuma Peninsula across Kagoshima Bay. Politically it is part of Kagoshima Prefecture.

Lava erupted in 1914 by Sakurajima (previously an island) made a land connection with the northwest of the Ōsumi Peninsula.

Position of Ōsumi Peninsula

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Coordinates: 30°59′39″N 130°39′39″E / 30.994165°N 130.660744°E / 30.994165; 130.660744