Śląskie Kamienie

Coordinates: 50°46′35″N 15°36′08″E / 50.77639°N 15.60222°E / 50.77639; 15.60222
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Dívčí kameny - Śląskie Kamienie
Mužské kameny - Czeskie Kamienie
Śląskie Kamienie - Dívči Kameny.JPG
Dívčí kameny - Śląskie Kamienie
Highest point
Elevation1,413 m (4,636 ft)
Coordinates50°46′35″N 15°36′08″E / 50.77639°N 15.60222°E / 50.77639; 15.60222
Dívčí kameny - Śląskie Kamienie is located in Czech Republic
Dívčí kameny - Śląskie Kamienie
Dívčí kameny - Śląskie Kamienie
Location in Czech Republic, on the border with Poland
LocationCzech Republic / Poland
Parent rangeGiant Mountains
Easiest routepublic path marked red from Okraj

Śląskie Kamienie or Dívčí kameny ("Silesian Rocks" or "Maiden Rocks"; German: Mädelsteine), 1,413 metres (4,636 ft) and Czeskie Kamienie or Mužské kameny ("Bohemian Rocks" or "Man Rocks" in Polish and Czech respectively), 1,416 metres (4,646 ft) is a twin peak and a rock formation situated in the western part of the Giant Mountains on Polish-Czech border within the Karkonosze National Park on the Polish–Czech Friendship Trail. The rocks are up to 8 m high.[1]


The twin peak is located in the main ridge, between Śmielec and the Przełęcz Karkonoska. The border straddles the peak. A stone monument reminds the tragedy of the Czech journalist Rudolf Kalman, who died here during a snow storm on 14 January 1929.[2]


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