Śródmieście, Gdańsk

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Gdańsk District
View of Długi Targ and Gdańsk Town Hall
Location of Brzeźno within Gdańsk
Location of Brzeźno within Gdańsk
Coordinates: 54°24′27″N 18°37′53″E / 54.40750°N 18.63139°E / 54.40750; 18.63139
Country  Poland
Voivodeship Pomeranian
County/City Gdańsk
 • Total 5.65 km2 (2.18 sq mi)
Population (2015)
 • Total 29,630[1]
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Postal code 80-500
Area code(s) +48 58

Śródmieście [ɕrudˈmjeɕt͡ɕe] (meaning "city centre") is a district (dzielnica) of the city of Gdańsk, Poland. Śródmieście is commonly referred to as Main City, Old City, or simply Gdańsk, since the quarter is equivalent to the traditional area of the city.


The quarter is located in the centre-eastern part of Gdańsk, on the River Motława to its west and east. To its north-east, the quarter borders the Przeróbka quarter on Port Island by the Martwa Wisła River. To its south and east, the quarter is bordered by the Opływ Motławy, via which the quarter borders the quarters of Rudniki, Olszynka and Orunia-Św. Wojciech-Lipce. To the south-west of Śródmieście, via Biskupia Górka, the quarter borders Chełm, to the west with Siedlce. Śródmieście borders Aniołki and Młyniska to its north.

Quarter subdivisions[edit]

Długie Pobrzeże and Motława River.
Wyspa Spichrzów granaries.
Na Stepcę Canal.

The following morphological units are located in Śródmieście:

Division Short description Location in Śródmieście
Główne Miasto The oldest borough of the Gdańsk agglomeration from the ninth-century. A fortified trade port between the tenth and thirteen-century. Municipal government based on Lübeck law between 1261-1263. Głowne Miasto Subdivision.svg
Stare Miasto Settled between 970-980, after 1433 surrounded by palisades and a motte. Stare Miasto Subdivision.svg
Stare Przedmieście An unfortified subdivision of Główne Miasto. Since 1360, gardens and ship workshops. Subdivision Stare Przedmieście.svg
Wyspa Spichrzów Around 1330, the first granaries were built, as well as a butcher, city folwark, Popielny Court (Dwór Popielny) and storehouses. Wyspa Spichrzow.svg
Długie Ogrody c. 1360 - meadows and rental gardens (patrimonium). An undefensed borough was built at the beginning of the fifteenth-century. Długie Ogrody mapka.svg
Ołowianka Between 1343-1454, property of the Teutonic Order. Wyspa Ołowianka.svg
Dolne Miasto Garden borough. Subdivision Dolne Miasto.svg
Nowe Ogrody Hospital and St. Gertrude's Church built in 1342. Nowe Ogrody mapka.svg
Grodzisko Defensive gord built in the ninth-tenth-century. City fortifications built in 1656 and 1807. Grodzisko mapka.svg
Biskupia Górka Property of the Bishops of Wrocław, bishop's court. City fortifications built in the seventeenth-century. Biskupia Gorka Śródmieście.svg
Zaroślak Teutonic settlement from 1365. Zaroślak mapa.svg
Sienna Grobla Blockhouse on the Polski Hak from the eighteenth-century. Sienna Grobla mapka.svg
Rudno Part of the Długie Ogrody from the fifteenth and sixteenth-century. Rudno mapka.svg

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Coordinates: 54°21′06″N 18°39′21″E / 54.351678°N 18.655740°E / 54.351678; 18.655740