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Śraddhā (Sanskrit: श्रद्धा) is loosely translated as "faith". It is important in Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist literature and teachings. Among adherents of the spiritual traditions which use the term.

It can be associated with faith, trust, confidence, and loyalty. The teacher Ammachi describes it as the "constant alertness arising from Love", and when choosing a single word to translate it into English, has used "awareness".[1] Other writers have also described the concept with emphasis on the intersection of faith and mindfulness, and it has been translated in this vein with words such as "diligence".[2]

Sri Aurobindo describes Śraddhā as "the soul's belief in the Divine's existence, wisdom, power, love and grace." [3]

Without diacritical marks, it is usually written as Sraddha. Śraddhā is also a feminine name in India.

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