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Not to be confused with Shekay District.
Looking north from the Sheki Rayon
Looking north from the Sheki Rayon
Map of Azerbaijan showing Shaki Rayon (in red)
Map of Azerbaijan showing Shaki Rayon (in red)
Country Azerbaijan
Established 8 August 1930
Capital Sheki
 • Chief Executive Elxan Zabir oğlu Usubov (New Azerbaijan Party)
 • Total 2,430 km2 (940 sq mi)
Population (2015)[1]
 • Total 181,000
 • Density 74/km2 (190/sq mi)
Postal code 5500
Telephone code 0117

Shaki or Şeki (Azerbaijani: Şəki rayonu, Lezgian: Нуха райун) is a rayon of Azerbaijan. Its administrative capital is Sheki.


The population of the Shaki District in early 2015 was 181,000 (90,300 men and 90,700 women), an increase since 2009, when it was 170,700. Shaki has 65 settlements, with the majority of residents living in the cities (66,900) and a minority in villages (32,600).[1]

The official languages are Azerbaijani.


Shaki is part of the Shaki-Zaqatala economic region.


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