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Șerban Huidu, dressed as The Godfather

Șerban Sebastian Huidu (born July 16, 1976 in Bucharest) is a Romanian radio and TV star. He hosted, together with Mihai Găinușă, the morning show on Romanian radio station Kiss FM, and a weekly satire show (Cronica Cârcotaşilor) on the Romanian channel Prima TV.

Huidu graduated from the Academy of Economic Studies (Bucharest), with a degree in General Economics.

In 1995 he got his start in radio. In 1997 Cronica Cârcotașilor debuted on Radio 21, and in 2000 it made it onto the small screen. Not long after, in 2001, he recruited Găinușă onto the show. In 2003 switched from Radio 21 to working for Kiss FM.

In October 2011, he swerved and crashed his car frontally into a car coming from the opposite direction, killing all three passengers in it, while all passengers in Huidu's car escaped with minor scratches.[1]

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